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In a world where countries are becoming increasingly interdependent and new technologies have eliminated borders and distances, we can no longer remain monolingual. Learning foreign languages has become more necessary than ever to connect us with the rest of the world.

The daily life, the way of life as well as the quality time of our fellow human beings, was the trigger for the creation of letsspeaktogether.com. An innovative platform, online language learning, with innovative ideas, enjoyable and realistic training, which are proven to favor the learning process. The target audience is from 5 year olds to very old adults. So the answer to the question “what does one gain by choosing a program remotely” is: better time management without unnecessary travel and carefully setting your priorities.

Let’s Speak Together gives you the opportunity to learn the foreign language you are interested in online, wherever you are. From “Anywhere” and “Anytime”.

At Let’s Speak Together, you have the opportunity to attend Online Foreign Language Courses, in the language of your choice, through an internet communication application (Skype). Our team of teachers consists of certified native teachers, specially trained for lessons through new technologies.

The teaching method followed is similar to the traditional way of teaching in terms of contact between teachers and students .The difference lies in the fact that you can learn the foreign language you are interested in, wherever you are on the planet! The online Skype application for the online course is probably the most appropriate way to learn foreign languages ​​remotely. Online lessons are done exclusively with nativel speakers (teachers). In addition to the sections of one student (1-1), we give the opportunity to people who are not in the same place or in the same country even if they wish, to create an online section (group) up to 8 people.

And of course all this with our full support 24/7. The capable human resources (teachers) of Let’s Speak Together, are at your disposal to provide solutions according to your needs and the time you have. Also, the evaluation of the student by the teacher and vice versa, is a basic condition for improving the quality of education.

Modern, enjoyable and realistic education are the elements that unequivocally favor the learning process. It’s all that Let’s Speak Together believes in and represents.

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