Let's Speak The Language You Want!

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Welcome to Let’s Speak Together Online Lessons, the #1 Online Language School! 
Select the language, Request your free lesson and get started!

online language school

Let's Speak The Language You Want!

Welcome to Let’s Speak Together, the #1 Online Language School! 
Select the language, Request your free lesson and get started!

online language school

Change The Way you Learn

1. Choose Your Language

You choose the language you want to learn and fill in the form for the free lesson

2. Choose Date & Time

The teacher communicates with you and you choose the day and time of your free lesson

3. Connect & Start Learning

Do your first lesson via skype or other video programs that serves you


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What We DO

Let's Speak Together is an online language school where you can learn online the language of your choice, through an online communication App.

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Online Language School

Let's Speak Together offers online language courses at the day and time of your convenience, in consultation with your teacher

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Why Choose Us

In Let's Speak Together our mission is to help our students learn a language in the easiest and most effective ways possible. We aim to deliver the most efficient language learning experience

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Online Courses with Let's Speak Together

In a world where countries are becoming increasingly interdependent and new technologies have eliminated borders and distances, we can no longer remain monolingual. Learning foreign languages has become more necessary than ever to connect us with the rest of the world.

The daily life, the way of life as well as the quality time of our fellow human beings, was the trigger for the creation of letsspeaktogether.com. An innovative platform, online language learning, with innovative ideas, enjoyable and realistic training, which are proven to favor the learning process. The target audience is from 5-year-olds to very old adults. So the answer to the question “what does one gain by choosing a program remotely” is: better time management without unnecessary travel and carefully set your priorities.

Let’s Speak Together gives you the opportunity to learn the foreign language you are interested in online, wherever you are. From “Anywhere” and “Anytime”.



Online lessons

10 Ways to improve your spoken English without realizing it

Knowing English well doesn’t mean that your spoken English has the same confidence and efficiency. For better or worse, excellent knowledge of a foreign language, especially when it comes to English, opens new horizons both professionally and in the student’s own perception of the world as he actually learns to see, read, listen and feel in a completely different way, through understanding another culture.

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Our Students Love us


Of course. You can take a 60-minute, one-on-one, free trial lesson which you will schedule in consultation with the teacher. The lesson will allow the teacher to assess the level of your knowledge and help you choose the course package that is best suited to your needs. It will also help you determine whether you are satisfied with our services.

The only thing necessary for the conduct of the course is for you to have an internet connection on a computer, tablet, or on your mobile. The lesson is through an online communication app, which does not require installation.


You can learn as many languages as you want. If you have the right time to dedicate for the study and the attendance of all these languages, our teachers can help you respond in a multilanguage environment.


Yes. Our teachers are able to teach all days of the week (even Saturday or Sunday). You can select the days and times that fit your schedule, in consultation with the teacher.

Teachers of Let’s Speak Together are trained, qualified teachers with years of experience in language teaching, for all levels of study. They are qualified for young children language teaching as well.

Of course. One of the innovations of Let’s Speak Together is that our teachers are able to help you in any field of interest. Whether it’s your business trips, your professional training or even a leisure trip. The ability for you to understand and speak a foreign language is our goal.