10 Ways to improve your spoken English without realizing it

How to actually speak better English in 10 easy steps!

Regardless of your English level, the one who really stands out is the one who can communicate in depth using his or her spoken English skills in real time. In real life.

1. The art of imitation

Learning English in most people’s minds is intertwined with studying and memorizing books and cards that have been made in such a way that the student can memorize information quickly and easily. After all, success in most English Certificate exams depends on it.

However, you should never forget the active side of learning English which most of the time looks like a game but it’s not.

All studies show that imitation is one of the best ways to improve your spoken English. That is, listening to someone who has English as his mother tongue and repeating what he says and especially how. How he emphasizes the words, what words he chooses, the facial  and body expressions, the emotion he exudes.

Find the one that suits you, that you would like to speak English like him and just imitate him.

2. Do not learn English word for word

Most people tend to break an expression into pieces as they find it useful to be able to use the parts in others or make better combinations in the existing one.

But grammar is something completely different. What actually happens is that an expression is lost and will probably be used incorrectly or never.

effective method of learning spoken English
10 Ways to improve your spoken English without realizing it 5

Review your strategy and start learning whole phrases without creating unnecessary obstacles.Learning whole phrases is a very effective method of learning spoken English because it manages to make even the most complex sentence look natural.

3. Immediate practice

Unfortunately, the human brain works in a very specific way, which of course we try to decipher further. It receives millions of pieces of information every day and keeps what it finds useful.

Simply put, in order not to forget something you have to repeat it. Many times.

As much as you love learning English, you should immediately use what you learn in spoken language. Repeat as many times as needed until you can say it by heart, without a sneak peek at the computer screen.

With practice you will realize that you can define the point where you stop memorizing spoken English but actually learning and using them.

4. The art of acting

We just talked about how important it is to imitate someone who speaks good English. Many famous actors speak one or more foreign languages ​​but that is not enough. When they play a role, they must be credible.

What does an actor do when he plays someone who speaks a foreign language? She studies a text and then makes us believe that it is real. That is her own words.

Imitate your favorite actor. Learn the words from one of her scenes. When you manage to sound like her, take the next step. Use the same expressions to impersonate someone else, place the scene in a different setting, see it as a game, and experiment. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate! You cannot imagine how much this technique can improve your spoken English.

technique can improve your spoken English
10 Ways to improve your spoken English without realizing it 6

5. Listen before you speak

Most students have difficulty speaking English for three reasons:

  • They are ashamed of their foreign accent
  • Can’t remember keywords
  • They are afraid that they will not understand their interlocutor’s answer

Technology allows us to overexpose το English. Songs, series, movies, cartoons, documentaries, YouTube shows, etc.

Do not watch anything dubbed, prefer the English version and try watching without subtitles and if you have difficulty use English subtitles. Sit and carefully read the lyrics of English songs.

On the one hand you will realize how different English sounds in different countries and even when a pronunciation sounds strange it is still easily understood. Just remember that  those who speak English as a mother tongue have special accents not only from country to country but also by region.

6. Listen to yourself

Many English students postpone oral practice indefinitely. There are times when someone who learns English for a long time realizes that he has never heard himself speak English.

It is important to listen to yourself as you speak. But because it seems strange and can be difficult, a good way to get started is to record yourself while reading English.

Only then will you begin to feel comfortable with the sound of English coming out of your mouth but there is something even more important. By keeping a record you can track your progress, gaining confidence but also correcting repetitive mistakes.

These recordings can help further by giving them to a native English speaker or your teacher.

7. Visualization of spoken English

If you have watched the series “The Mentalist” then you know what the palace of the mind is.

better use of spoken English
10 Ways to improve your spoken English without realizing it 7

Science has shown that the human brain, in addition to repetition, prefers images. Visual learning is strong anyway but also increasingly popular for this very reason.

Research shows that pictures related to words help us remember them better, which inevitably leads to better use of spoken English. Combine a word or an entire expression with an image or set of images that you think represent it. This technique will help you to remember easily and immediately what you consider important when you need it.

8. Talk to yourself

If you are ashamed or don’t find someone to speak English then look in the mirror. Spend a few minutes each day and combine what you have learned by talking to yourself. Keep a kind of personal diary and describe your day in your head using only English.

9. Sing

English students who listen to English songs tend to have better pronunciation skills but also to understand other speakers more easily. In other words, their English comes more naturally.

Singing is not just an entertainment medium but also helps improve your spoken English. Don’t just read the lyrics, sing them along. More importantly, pay attention to the pronunciation of the words and imitate as faithfully as you can what you hear. Without realizing it you will be able to use the lyrics of a song in the spoken word completely effortlessly next time.

10. Take Modern Spoken English lessons

If you think you need extra practice with an experienced English teacher or want to interact with other students, why not start English lessons?
There are many English lessons online but if you are looking for quality and flexibility then you are at the right page. In Let’s Speak Together online English lessons, all you need is your computer or mobile phone! Book your first course now for free and improve your spoken English with state-of-the-art teaching methods.

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