Which English Proficiency Certificates are recognized by ASEP in 2021?

There are many recognized English language certificates but to achieve your ultimate goal, you must first pass the exam. And this is the way to do it easily and quickly!

What is the C2 English Degree

C2 English Proficiency Certificate is what most people in Greece just call Proficiency and is the official confirmation of a very advanced level of English. Basically, it proves that:

  • You understand without much effort everything you read and listen to.
  • You are able to perceive and summarize information from various oral and written sources and reproduce it in a coherent way by making logical arguments.
  • You can spontaneously express yourself in fluent English, accurately describing what you are thinking, having the opportunity to take part in any discussion, from the simplest everyday topic to the most complex, always using the appropriate expressions with the occasion

The points given by ASEP for Proficiency in English

Excellent knowledge of foreign English at C2 level has been a necessary qualification for employment in the private and public sector for years. In the first case, however, even if you do not have the English proficiency certificate, you may be able to convince the employer of your high level English skills in the interview.

In the next announcement of ASEP for jobs in the Public sector, however, you need a certified degree of English proficiency that increases the chances of success by giving you the coveted extra points you need.

As everything shows, in the spring of 2022, the new ASEP competition will take place for all candidates and will be held once every two years to improve your score.

Based on the specifications of the European Union and the new Greek bill, the scoring provides 1 point for excellent knowledge of foreign languages ​​for one foreign language, and an additional half point for a second.

Because even the smallest detail can make the difference, having the C2 English Proficiency Certificate can give you the job.

Which C2 English degrees are recognized by ASEP?

There are actually dozens of English Proficiency Certificates to choose from, but the most popular are the following:

CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English)

From the University of Cambridge. The most recognized C2 Proficiency of English, the most commonly requested qualification from the private sector and officially recognized by the Greek state as a language proficiency certificate of various levels depending on the final grade. To get it as C2 you must have a final score of 200 – 230 (out of 230).

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

One of the easiest English language certifications offered by Cambridge but valid for 2 years. Fully recognized in Greece and abroad, especially popular for postgraduate studies but also for finding a job.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) 

TOELF is a popular test that certifies the level of knowledge of the candidate for postgraduate study abroad in English for a period of two years. You will need a final grade of 100 – 120 (out of 120) to be considered a C2 English language certificate.

Linguaskill (formerly Bulats) 

Coming again from the University of Cambridge, Linguaskill is a fast online test that checks the English language level of candidates with Artificial Intelligence technology. It is considered C2 Proficiency with a score of 90 – 100 (out of 100).


From the University of Michigan, since 1957, ECPE is an official English language proficiency certificate at C2 level in Greece, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

MSU – CELP (Michigan State University – Certificate of English Language Proficiency)

With a maximum overall score of 100 and a “pass” for 60 points, MSU-CELP is a relatively easy and economical solution for a C2 degree in English.


The final test takes place in Great Britain. The basis for passing the exam is 60% for the maximum level 5 corresponding to C2.

In addition to the above English C2 degrees that you probably already know ASEP also recognizes:

  • State Certificate of English Language Proficiency level C2 (National Kapodistrian University of Athens)
  • PEARSON LCCI EFB LEVEL 4 (with grade “Distinction” or “Credit”).
  • LRN 3
  • EDI
  • TIE
  • NOCN

How do I prepare to get the English Proficiency Certificate 1000%? 

Good preparation is the key. Surely there are ways to do it yourself since thanks to technology we have access to infinite information. Even if you think you know English well, the test is always something different. 

success c2 english proficiency certificate
Which English Proficiency Certificates are recognized by ASEP in 2021? 3

Don’t underestimate the exams and don’t rush to take them. If you already have a C1 degree, it will usually take ten to twelve weeks for a serious preparation for C2 Proficiency English certificate. However, you can have similar results with intensive courses lasting three or four weeks. 

Let’s Speak Together online language school offers courses, perfectly tailored to your needs and the exams you wish to take, with targeted preparation and, of course, the best practices. This is the combination of success. 
Get your first online Proficiency English course now for free, access the most up-to-date teaching methods and become our next student who aced in the exams.

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