What makes the best Online Foreign Language Teachers

Our goal is simple: 

We want our students to be fully committed and looking forward to the next lesson! 

What promotes second language teaching? 

Finding a certified foreign language tutor is easy but teaching a foreign language is a big deal. Above all it is a privilege and a responsibility. The secret of effectiveness lies in the love of what you do. 

The teacher is not limited to just doing his job for an hour or two, teaching random words, phrases and grammar to someone who is fascinated by his/her native language. The teacher at Let’s Speak Together is the spark that changes a student’s life. 

He/She is by his/her side at all times offering guidance, information and valuable help even when they are several time zones away. As difficult as this sounds, we have selected and constantly add only the best language teachers to the team and to do this we have very strict criteria. 


Many argue that the classroom was, is and will be the king of education and will never be replaced by the flat screen of a computer or a mobile phone. We believe the complete opposite. Technology enables the online foreign language teacher to cultivate his creativity and take things to a whole other level. 

The image and the sound are the weapons of the teacher to attract and keep undiminished the interest of the student but also to manage to pass the information effortlessly. But the face is also very important. Students focus even more on facial expressions when the language lesson is online which the good teacher knows and makes the most of. 

Just imagine the difference between teaching vocabulary in a classroom and what you can do online by combining large pictures for each word that highlight the most common mistakes, videos that show exactly how to use it, and audio material for pronunciation. The possibilities are endless as much as the creativity of the online language teacher. 

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world
What makes the best Online Foreign Language Teachers 4

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein


It is not easy to combine education with fun as they are almost opposite concepts. And yet most know even one teacher who is fun. The best online language teacher is not just a mentor who is confident in his abilities but above all he/she is a friend. 

The student is always more relaxed when learning from a friend. He is not afraid to make mistakes, he is not ashamed of his accent, he is not anxious lest he disappoint the teacher. 

  • Mistakes are a source of learning 
  • Mispronunciation is an opportunity to laugh 
  • Wrong usage and mistranslation is an opportunity to draw attention to what matters 

And somehow the time of the lesson flies happily without you realizing it. Our teachers don’t just teach a foreign language but a way of life. 

talk to him in his own language
What makes the best Online Foreign Language Teachers 5

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela


The ancient Greeks attributed the special memory abilities of man to the titan deity Mnemosyne. However, not all students learn a foreign language as easily. Science has shown that information consolidation in the long-term memory of our brain requires repetition, something that makes it the official mother of all learning. 

For this reason, perhaps the most important virtue of an online foreign language teacher is patience. When combined with creativity, the teacher transforms the screen of a mobile phone into an exciting world, providing the student with sufficient repetition in an environment that helps him to fully understand the new concepts of each lesson. 

A different language
What makes the best Online Foreign Language Teachers 6

“A different language is a different vision of life.”

Federico Fellini

Meet your online foreign language teacher 

Let’s Speak Together teaches not just a foreign language but a different way of thinking. We are proud of all our students and teachers because they share the same passion and devotion for foreign languages ​​but above all for life itself. 

Get started and become one of us. Meet your teacher immediately by doing the first lesson completely free of charge:

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