Online Spanish Lesson: 3 Reasons to learn Spanish Language

3 Reasons to learn Spanish.

Learning foreign languages ​​has become more necessary than ever to connect us with the rest of the world. We will write for the 3 reasons to learn Spanish. Spanish language it is the official language in at least 21 countries, with over 450 million people worldwide speaking it, according to official figures. This makes it the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. Such is the dynamic of the Spanish Language, that it can be considered the vehicle to conquer the rich cultural heritage of Spain and Latin America.

But why learn Spanish?
There are too many reasons. We will mention 3 of them.

1. You can easily learn Spanish

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Online Spanish Lesson: 3 Reasons to learn Spanish Language 13

Since Spanish is based on the Latin alphabet, it is considered that learning it is not very difficult, especially for those who speak or know even a little bit of a Latin language such as English, French, Italian, etc. Spanish is a 100% vocal and italic language. Words are pronounced exactly as they are spelled and spelled exactly as they are pronounced. Online learning of Spanish will make you one of the 20 million or more students studying Spanish as a foreign language worldwide.
Learning Spanish will convince you that you can learn a foreign language, and it may give you the confidence to try your luck at another more difficult one. The certss mother tongue teachers of, will help you create the curriculum that suits your needs to reach the desired level or to perfect the Spanish you already know.

2. For culture and civilization

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The Spaniards are a people with a particular appeal to the arts, literature, painting, cooking and with a noticeable influence of religion. It proves to be one of the important languages used in the world scientific literature, in international business, in political meetings and is the official language of the European Union and very powerful World Organizations such as the UN, and UNESCO.

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Access to original texts makes the study of books even more exciting as world-renowned Spanish-speaking writers such as Federico García Lorca, Gabriel García Márquez, Pablo Neruda, and Jorge Luís Borges provide access to them.

In the field of arts, it is the language of tango, salsa, and flamenco with important world-renowned artists such as Paco de Lucía and Placido Domingo, but also Spanish-language cinema presents a plethora of notable works in the most highly regarded cinematic genres.

The diversity of the Spanish language makes it even more exciting to learn as not all Spanish speakers speak it in exactly the same way. In each country they adapt to a unique character that reflects the particularities and culture of each people. At Let´s Speak Together the student can be taught the diversity of language with the best teachers, who are natural speakers.

They say that from the movements of populations, the history of every people in the world is written. Something similar happens for the gastronomic history of each people. The peoples who lived in Spain over the centuries, left their mark on the part of gastronomy. The result is a fragrant, rich and varied cuisine not only because of its influences, but also because of the incredible ingredients that this place produces and offers. Paella, ham, tapas, saffron, are some of the most typical gastronomic representatives.

In the field of Architecture, Spain is a country with a rich history and brilliant architects. Observing its architecture by era, Spain is an exotic mix of Moorish influences, European trends and surrealist modernism. Spain is presented as a multi-residential unit, large and small at the same time, a mixture of coastal and mainland cities, made of a combination of different ways of thinking and living, where the most classic works of modern architecture are combined with the most innovative trends.

In the field of tourism, Spanish-speaking countries are very popular destinations. Culture, rich gastronomy, historical sights, natural beauty are abundantly offered in both Spain and Latin America and knowledge of Spanish will ensure you a more immediate and authentic travel experience. Improve your reading, writing, listening, speaking skills and plan your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country with the help of Let’s Speak Together programs, specially designed for your travel experiences.

3. Perspective of vocational rehabilitation

Spanish is considered the second most important language after English in the Western world, thanks to its growing use in the United States, its integration into education, and its influence in the Spanish-speaking world economy. In recent years it has become increasingly popular in the preferences of language learners as Spanish-speaking countries are showing great growth in areas such as exports and tourism. Let’s Speak Together certified instructors will teach you technical and specific terms related to your needs.

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It is also impressive that in the world ranking Spain is the 1st choice of students in Erasmus programs. Many universities have it in their curriculum either as an undergraduate or postgraduate program but academic career prospects are plentiful at internationally renowned universities such as the University of Salamanca founded in 1218, the oldest university in Spain.

And if you are still not convinced of how wonderful Spanish is, take a test at Let’s Speak Together and our excellent team of teachers will take you on this journey into the wonderful world of Spanish!
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