Greek language has the longest history among European languages. This fact is supported by inscriptions found in Greece dating back to the second millennium BC, as well as by literary texts that are 2500 years old. Art and Science were born and developed using the Greek language.

The Greek language is one of the few in the world that presents homogeneous evolution and is a rare phenomenon in the linguistic history of the human race since it is being spoken for thousands of years without interruption. Modern Greek keeps the ancient writing and spelling of words and 75% of its vocabulary is based on ancient Greek. It is a language with unique virtues: expressiveness, flexibility, synthetic strength and productive capacity to produce and compose new words as needed.

Greek language has contributed to the enrichment of the vocabulary of other languages. It is one of the oldest languages in the world and the oldest written one with a rich literary tradition in the European territory. Greek language has influenced directly or indirect almost every language in Europe and, through them, many languages all over the world.